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Resources for teachers

Below are links to resources you may find helpful in your work. I have put these ideas together based on learning from those I have worked with as well as training, research and studies by many different people. There is information about some of these sources available here.


These resources are likely to be changed and updated over time. If you have any thoughts, ideas or feedback I would love to hear from you. Please contact me by e mail at or by using the Get in touch page on the website.  

Ideas for applying trauma informed approaches in lessons

This document contains suggestions of things to think about before,

during and after lessons and why these might be helpful. It is 

intended to support individuals and organisations to embed trauma

informed approaches at each stage of their work. 


Learning and our brain

This resource is designed to support teachers in having conversations 

with learners about how our brain can be effected by stress or 

difficult experiences and how this can impact our learning. It also

includes some simple grounding techniques that teachers and learners

may find helpful. 

It is possible that for some learners conversations about stress and 

difficult experiences may be triggering. Before sharing the resource,

introduce the topic and explore how comfortable learners feel to 

discuss it.

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