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Learner and staff feedback


What do learners and staff who have                                   

worked with the project say about it?  Read on to find out...

Learner feedback


'When I write I use the methods you taught me a lot...This has helped me in a lot of ways...especially when it comes to sending messages to friends and family...I couldn’t [join in] conversations [e.g family WhatsApp messages]...I never used to message anyone because I had no confidence. They used to message back that I was so rude. I used to feel so s**t.’ 

‘Without communication I cannot tell what I’m feeling inside. If I’m educated I have knowledge, if I can’t express [it] this is not useful for me...First I need language then I can...say who I am, what I am inside. Without language I can’t express my ability and myself...Now, this project, you help me...Now I can say what I need.’ 

‘It’s helped me through difficult times...Sometimes...I don’t know what I’m f**kin’ doing, you give me something to do and it helps me...I was looking forward to your phone calls, seeing how you were, collecting my homework.’


'The best qualities in the way you [teach] are that you are expressing happiness in the’s making me feel like I can make mistakes and not have a problem...You are not overwhelming with the information…I have the freedom to ask for details because we are one to one...The sessions are ADHD friendly because I am not feeling pressure to learn...You’re adapting to my needs...'

‘Relax for my head. Communication, no stress, no panic. Big help for me.’ 

Staff feedback


‘I strongly think a service of The Reading, Writing and ESOL group is necessary. In a normal circumstances none of the clients engaging would have attended a college or classes to improve their English, this is their feedback. A personalised service has not only helped them to learn but also boosted their confidence and [helped them to] build a trusting relationship with the tutor.’

‘The residents sometimes struggle to engage however this project allowed them to build trust with Sarah and the lessons were done according to the pace that they wanted....’

‘The resident is proud to be doing something for himself. He feels that he has learnt quite a lot since he started...’


‘Staff have found Sarah very helpful and they have seen from the residents that have taken part how much they have enjoyed it. They also appreciate that the project could be delivered during a challenging time with the pandemic.’ 

‘The Project Manager was clear on how the project would be delivered and there was minimal paperwork to complete.’ 

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